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  • The Uncertain Cuckold Uncertain Cuckold #1
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  • 24 March 2019
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DOWNLOAD ¸ The Uncertain Cuckold Uncertain Cuckold #1 Y that Matt can come along to watch and perhaps to join in Aroused but uncertain Matt submitsJill feels alive propelled on a journey of discovery both of self and of seduction It is a journey she wishes to explore again and again Despite Matt's growing protests and his own unfolding erratic and somewhat promiscuous behaviour Word count 92000 words. Oh man am I torn about this book There were some real highs and lows inside Matt has trouble with his feelings about being a cuck and I wavered too on whether I was enjoying the story Some of the sex was too rough for me and at times it seemed like Jill wasn t really into her husband at all However the moments where Jill is teasing and controlling Matt s arousal are super hot I want a whole book that focuses on that type of interactionI don t think I will read further in this series but I will be thinking about Jill for a long time

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DOWNLOAD ¸ The Uncertain Cuckold Uncertain Cuckold #1 When she reveals a bombshell she's booked a taxi to take Matt away for the eveningJill explores a part of herself she never knew In submitting to another man she has unleashed a fire of control on her husband to be teasing and torturing him until he can take no She insists on seeing Gary again the following weekend with plans in tow conceding onl. Wow a seriously good book I saw a reference to this author in a comment on a review of another book so I decided to check this series out I ve only read the first in the series so far but I am already a firm fan I don t think that I ve ever read a comprehensive cuckold story it encompasses and vividly describes such a range of emotions all experienced by the lead character as he is cuckolded by his fianc e It s not often that I find myself shouting at the characters in a book or having to put it down because I m affected by their actions before uickly resuming because I can t stop If you like cuckold stories control mistressing chastity etc then I can definitely recommend this book


DOWNLOAD ¸ The Uncertain Cuckold Uncertain Cuckold #1 The Uncertain Cuckold is an explosive erotic tale of domination humiliation submission sharing and denialMatt encourages his beautiful and seductive fiancée Jill to sleep with an older sophisticated man named Gary Matt has just one condition for Jill he must be allowed to watch it happen But no sooner do Jill and Gary begin kissing and undressing. I have read many cuckold stories over many years I am pleased to say that this is one of the best The characters and believable and I soon developed an empathy with Matt and a lust for the delightful Jill who is wonderfully highly sexed and knows instinctively how to manipulate her fianc There are some very arousing sex scenes which are well written The anguish that Matt endures at the hands of Jill and her lover Gary are eually well portrayed I read this book in a couple of days I kept going back to it as I wanted to find out what happened next a thoroughly entertaining read